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Groov-Pin Corporation Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Groov-Pin Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of Grooved Pins, Threaded Inserts, and Precision Turned Components, celebrated 90 years of business this year.

October 12, 2016, SMITHFIELD, RI – Groov-Pin Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacturer of Grooved Pins, Threaded Inserts, and Precision Turned Components, celebrated 90 years of business this year.

Groov-Pin was founded by E.H. Schniewind in 1926 in Long Island City, NY. The company developed a line of solid press-fit fasteners called Groov-Pins®. Groov-Pin was one of the first to patent a self-tapping screw and developed the Tap-Lok® line of threaded inserts, which provide easy, one-step installation and strong permanent threads in soft metals and plastics. Over the past 20 years, Groov-Pin acquired the Speedserts® line of thread-forming inserts, Precision Turned Components (PTC), to produce high-end, high-tolerance parts for the Telecommunications/RF Connector market, and Multi-metal Manufacturing, serving safety and fluid control markets.

Recognized in 2014 for excellence in a mid-sized manufacturer by Providence Business News, Groov-Pin has supplied products used by companies like automotive manufacturer BMW and Aerospace manufacturer BOEING. Groov-Pin parts are also used in applications in the Medical, Electrical, Gas and Energy, and Defense markets.

The company began a lean transformation in 2009 to engage team members, increase efficiency, and become more responsive to customer needs. One of the most significant benefits has been the reduction of lead times from six to eight weeks to an average of 19 days.

Groov-Pin’s Rhode Island facility recently received AS9100 certification, which satisfies additional quality requirements established by the Aerospace industry to satisfy DOD, NASA and FAA requirements. With this new certification, Groov-Pin is approved as a certified supplier for major Aerospace companies and related sectors.

Groov-Pin’s objective of continuous improvement includes maintaining relationships with local community colleges in Rhode Island and Georgia to introduce students to successful career paths in advanced manufacturing.

The Rhode Island facility works with non-traditional interns and apprentices through programs like bRIdge.jobs and graduates of the New England Institute of Technology, and is involved in the School to Career program at the William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School.

Groov-Pin’s Georgia facility participates in a German-style apprenticeship program known as the Georgia Consortium of Advanced Technical Training (GA CATT). A goal of GA CATT is to fill a void in Georgia manufacturing by encouraging high school students to learn a trade.

As Groov-Pin leaders look to the future, they will balance growth of the business and service to the community. Groov-Pin will continue to encourage employees to share their ideas to improve operations, retain its competitive advantage, and reflect its values at work and in the community.

“Our culture is evolving. We believe continuous improvement will be a central part of our future. Continuing to improve will involve looking at new applications for our products, new related products, new partnerships with customers, and new technologies that go beyond what we’re able to do by cutting and forming metal to additive manufacturing,” said Scot Jones, CEO, Groov-Pin.

About Groov-Pin Corporation

Groov-Pin has been a leader in engineered fasteners and components for connection and control, supplying manufacturers and product design organizations for 90 years. Groov-Pin Corporation and its subsidiary, Precision Turned Components (PTC), operate from ISO 9001-2008 / AS 9100 certified facilities in Smithfield, RI and Newnan, GA, along with field application offices located around the U.S. The company is in its 7th year of a LEAN transformation. Both facilities bring new levels of quality and responsiveness to customers by streamlining processes to drive efficiency and eliminate waste. Our clients, including global brands, Fortune 100 companies, and mid-size manufacturers in many industries, count on Groov-Pin to help them design, manufacture, and efficiently deliver quality products. For more information, visit www.groov-pin.com.

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