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Providing great customer service is all about being human

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: December 29, 2011 North Kingstown, RI Vic Pichette is owner of Rhode Island’s only Customer Service Consulting Business; Eye on Success and U.S. Bar …


Date: December 29, 2011

North Kingstown, RI

Vic Pichette is owner of Rhode Island’s only Customer Service Consulting Business; Eye on Success and U.S. Bar Spotters a Hospitality Consulting Business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own: Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Real Estate, Car Sales, Home Sales, Financial Services or any business that deals with customers on a regular basis. Business owners and managers have accepted that their business can only provide mediocre customer service at best. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t receive lousy customer service”, says Pichette. “As a customer service consultant who believes that providing great customer service is easy and inexpensive, experiencing what I experience everyday simply astonishes me. I just want to grab the owner or manager and shake some common sense in them.”

My friends, what the heck is so hard about treating the very people that pay your salaries, like human beings? I don’t get it, I won’t accept it, and neither should you.

Providing quality customer service has become such a burdensome task, that companies have accepted that poor or mediocre customer service is the norm. It’s not the norm, and in most cases creating a great customer experience is so simple and easy, that we have lost sight of what matters the most…The Basics.

Don’t get me wrong, I know most companies care about their customers and want to provide a great customer experience. But if they continue to hire “High Priced Consultants” to help them, than they will continue to fail. And here’s why.

For “High Priced Consultants” to make the “High Prices”, they need to convince you, (the business owner), that providing quality customer service is so difficult that you must continue to pay for their high priced services. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Go to Google and type in Customer Service Consultants and take a look at what you see. What you’ll see are companies offering thirty different types of services and programs, diagrams, pie charts, and a host of additional services. They have management with PhD’s, thirty years’ experience, and employees with training, marketing, and related skills. Do you really need all of this to teach your employees how to treat your customers with a little respect and dignity?

Imagine what people fifty years ago would think about our customer service today. Remember the 1960’s TV shows? Remember people walking in a bank and were greeted by a manager or teller with a big smile and a hand shake, or when they went to a retail establishment and were happily greeted with enthusiasm and kindness.

How much money and resources does it take for your employees to be happy to see a customer, to greet a customer with a smile, to look them in the eye, to ask them if they need help, or to care about them for that very short moment?

Great customer service is more about being human than anything else.

Pichette says, “There are four simple ways to great customer service You need a way of assessing your staff and operation accurately. You need to train your staff on the basics of great customer service. You need to continue to re-assess them on a regular basis. And once trained properly, and assessments are above par, compensate your staff for doing great work. You do this, and I promise you customers will compensate you.

To accurately assess your staff accurately and properly, Pichette says you need to use his company Eye on Success, which uses COVERT VIDEO for the assessment stage. Imagine sitting with your staff at a computer and watching on Hi-Definition Video of your customers interacting with your staff or purchasing your products. Imagine how easy and accurately it would be to show them what went right and what needs improvement? No secret shopping check list can give you that true and realistic customer experience that you can use to properly make appropriate business decisions.” Think about this for a minute, says Pichette. “There are multi-million dollar business using everyday people off the street who are paid ten to twenty dollars, to assess their staff and business operation. Using basic secret shoppers just doesn’t make any sense”.

Pichette continues, “Once properly trained they need to be re-assessed regularly. What you don’t need is high priced consulting firms making the training process so convoluted and difficult for your staff that you and they give up.”

If you own or run a business that deals with customers on a regular basis, please consider using our professional evaluation and training techniques. I promise, we will quickly turn around your performance assessments, and more importantly, make your customers thrilled to go back to your businesses.

Vic Pichette is an author, trainer and owner of Eye on Success (www.eyeonsuccess.net) a professional customer service consultant firm located in Rhode Island. At Eye on Success, we assess businesses and employees using video, and we teach companies how to easily and inexpensively provide great customer service.

Vic can be reached at 401-225-4104 or e-mailed at eyeonsuccess@cox.net

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