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Deckman Lands Executive Coaching Contract With Fast Growing Company

Jeffrey Deckman and SquadLocker™ announced the signing of a multi-executive coaching contract designed to enhance the communication, talent development and leadership skills of SquadLocker’s management team.

Deckman Lands Executive Coaching Contract

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August 02, 2013

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Jeffrey Deckman and SquadLocker™ announced the signing of multi-executive coaching contract designed to enhance the communication, talent development and leadership skills of SquadLocker’s management team.

 SquadLocker is Rhode Island’s premier provider of athletic apparel, uniforms and team gear and has an aggressive growth plan that relies upon deploying innovative strategies committed to revolutionizing the team gear buying experience.

 “Retaining Deckman has been an effective and efficient use of our professional development budget providing immediate and significant returns to the organization. Jeff’s advanced understanding of professional development is allowing us to empower employees and to transform the company’s culture getting us ready for the company’s anticipated growth” Stated Todd Grant Sr. Vice President at SquadLocker.

 “Jeff’s innovative systems and methods are teaching our executives how to transform us from a cumbersome Org Chart driven organization into an agile, highly functioning, vibrant knowledge network.  We are committed to building a modern organization that maximizes our collective genius to succeed in today’s Knowledge Economy. And Deckman is our architect.”

 “Of all the corporate clients I have had SquadLocker is one of the most courageous.” Stated Deckman. “It’s not easy shifting from a command and control leadership style and to fully embrace a cultural change initiative that truly empowers the entire organization. A lot of old models have to be left behind and new models embraced. But the good news is that employing modern leadership and employee engagement strategies quickly results in a win/win/win scenario for the company, the management and the front line employees. So the return on investment, across multiple bottom lines becomes evident within a short period of time.”

 “So much so that everyone begins working together to maintain the new company environment because they benefit from higher morale and greater productivity. And when you combine increased morale and productivity higher profits always follow!”


                                                                                   About Deckman

Jeffrey Deckman is a leading innovator and practitioner of the new leadership paradigms required to transform leaders, management teams and company cultures into “Knowledge Economy ready” operations. He is the founder and president of Capability Accelerators. He offers consulting, executive coaching, training and key note speaking services to clients who are committed to shortening their learning curves on the modern methods of leadership and employee engagement.

Learn more at www.CapabilityAccelerators.com or read his blog at www.JeffreyDeckman.Blogspot.com 

                                                                             About SquadLocker™

Squad Locker is a full-service team dealer providing team gear, apparel and uniforms and a superior customer experience. Located in Warwick, RI in a 34,000 sq. ft. facility Squad Locker is a market leading team dealer providing a diverse selection of athletic apparel including brands such as Under Armour, Adidas, Champion, Turfer and many more.  All of your team gear….for every season….from one source.

Learn more at www.squadlocker.com .




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